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About Islam Center

The site of "Islam center" is one of specialized sites to communicate the message of Islam to non-Muslims, and to learn the Muslims what they need to correct their faith and worship in several different languages. It aims to show the right and his arguments and evidence, through the selection and preparation of appropriate scientific content. As it works to encourage writing, translation of the Islamic Arabic into other languages and contained in the site as well as to communicate with people interested in this field.

One of the main reasons to create the site of " Islam center" the urgent need to develop methods of advocacy on the Internet because of the weak and individual presence of the advocates of Islam. As well as the strong presence of many teams and groups affiliated to the deviant Islam, causing distortion of the correct image of Islam and keep people away from it.

It is worth mentioning that all the contents of the "Islam center" of books, articles, audios and videos based on the Quran and Sunnah with the rejection of fanaticism and lack of exposure to the differences between the groups and parties that belong to Islam.